Looking for a holiday gift for your bright teenager who doesn’t always consider consequences?

Based on a true story, The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson traces a young genius’s struggle against irreversible consequences. One day, Tyler is a rising star in physics. Twenty-four hours later, he is labeled a domestic terrorist and hunted by the FBI. Here’s what readers are writing:

stars“Riveting. Horrifying. Thrilling. And unbelievable, yet the book is not a work of fiction,” the Book Addict.

stars“Truly loved this book. It was honest and had me hooked. As I read I just felt like I was watching everything unfold. It was beautifully written,” Cinthia.

stars“I highly recommend this book, both as a warning of how to not get in trouble with the government, and a reminder of our own humanity and the importance of helping out the people in need we come across. Tyler’s account is heartbreaking, yet if it helps just one person avoid a similar fate, this book was worth publishing,” Viper Engineer.



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