The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson to be Featured at Schuler’s Local Author Night

Reprinted with permission from Schuler Books & Music:

Join us Tuesday, October 10 at 7 p.m. for Local Author Night, featuring a panel presentation of accomplished authors from the state of Michigan! Featured authors include Rick Bailey, author of American English, Italian Chocolate: Small Subjects of Great Importance, a memoir told in essays; RJ Erskine, author of the suspense novel Casting Demons into Swine; Patrice Johnson, author of the nonfiction account The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson: Based on the Journals of a Young Man Turned Fugitive; and John Marks, author of the Beyond Madness 45◦N. Where? Schuler Books & Music, Meridian Mall location, 1982 W. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI

About American English, Italian Chocolate: Small Subjects of Great Importance by Rick Bailey

American English, Italian Chocolate is a memoir in essays beginning in the American Midwest and ending in north central Italy. In sharply rendered vignettes, Rick Bailey reflects on donuts and ducks, horses and car crashes, outhouses and EKGs. He travels all night from Michigan to New Jersey to attend the funeral of a college friend. After a vertiginous climb, he staggers in clogs across the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In a trattoria in the hills above the Adriatic, he ruminates on the history and glories of beans, from Pythagoras to Thoreau, from the Saginaw valley to the Province of Urbino.

RICK BAILEY is a professor emeritus of English at Henry Ford College in Michigan. He is the author or editor of several books on writing, including The Creative Writer’s Craft.

About Casting Demons into Swines

The career of Malcolm Cromarty, D.V.M., was finally settling into a routine, despite his recent divorce and being new to the valley. However, the daily grind veers off course with the arrival of a disease outbreak that doesn’t stay on message with the textbooks. To cope with this challenge, Malcolm must rely on a patchwork of local inhabitants to guide him through the peculiar culture in which he lives. However, with each passing day, he stumbles deeper into a community that holds science, change, and outsiders under a high degree of suspicion, and a family feud with a dark and malevolent past. Hardly a promising path to control the outbreak.

RJ ERSKINE has served as a large animal veterinarian for 35 years. From working among farmers and the rural community, he has developed an agriculturist perspective in a society that is increasingly distant from food production. He is especially interested in the natural and cultural forces that not only impact farming, but the inertia of rural communities. The author currently lives in Michigan and continues with his professional career.

About The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson: Based on the Journals of a Young Man Turned Fugitive by Patrice Johnson

PATRICE JOHNSON weaves a powerful account of her son’s life as a fugitive of the US government. Her creative nonfiction work shows the price of living in a post-9/11 world and the limitations of law and order. It reveals the degradations of homelessness and the resilience of the human spirit.

Tyler Johnson has a bright future ahead of him. Major scientific journals have published his research in quantum physics and in artificial intelligence, and he has recently graduated from Caltech. He has a position in a doctoral program at the University of New Mexico waiting for him, but before he can arrive at the school, everything changes.

Tyler and his friend Danny Blair plan to affix bumper stickers in protest of gas guzzling vehicles at SUV dealerships in California. The evening of binge drinking spins out of control, and a Hummer catches on fire.

Suddenly, Tyler, a brilliant presidential merit scholar, is labeled an environmental extremist, a domestic terrorist. He has two choices. He can come forward and risk spending the rest of his years in prison, or he can run for his life with the woman he loves.

Tyler runs.

The story that follows shows the ramifications of one impulsive mistake and a young man’s struggle against seemingly irreversible consequences. It serves as a warning flag to all who may feel tempted to cross to the wrong side of the law. A portion of the royalties will be donated to the Longmont Community Justice Partnership, LCJP.

PATRICE JOHNSON is publishing her account of the life of her son, Tyler, to tell the true story. Patrice graduated summa cum laude from Alma College and received her master’s degree in English literature from Michigan State University. When her children were young, she taught high school English and community college writing. She then spent sixteen years in the computer industry, serving as vice president of marketing and communications with a Fortune 500 company and as a weekly columnist for the industry’s largest trade publication. She has founded three successful technology companies and authored a chapter in a college textbook on quality.

Patrice has been quoted in USA Today and Business Week and currently helps write and edit a community newspaper. Her work has received six first-place awards from the Michigan Press Women. She and her husband live on an eighty-acre farm in the Midwest.

About Beyond Madness 45◦N by John Marks

His midlife crisis seemed to peak when Harlan Holmes, an ex-cop turned private eye, lost the son of his only client somewhere along the Leelanau coast—about 45°N.

The job initially seemed simple, more like babysitting than private investigation. Harlan was hired to look after his client’s son Leo while the young man attended law school away from home. But Leo, it turned out, was a determined gambling addict. And Harlan was clueless about the March Madness scam that Leo was running on some locals just before he went missing.

Complicating matters is Harlan’s client, Leo’s dad. It so happens, he’s a full-on wiseguy, and he’s in town with a crew to micromanage the private eye who lost his son. When they learn about Leo’s fate, Harlan will learn that his midlife crisis has just begun.

JOHN MARKS is an attorney in Michigan. He previously practiced law in California and has taught classes at law schools in California and Michigan. John and his wife, Dena, have traveled extensively but enjoy most the time they spend close to home with their children and grandchildren.


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