Five Star Review on and Goodreads

Thank you to J and K W for the five-star rating and review below:

stars Captivating Story about her Son’s Tragic Mistake

“This is a book with two stories, both tragedies.

“One story is the narrative, the tragedy of Tyler’s life. The author portrays Tyler as kindhearted, introspective, devoted (family, girlfriend, dog, mentor), poetic about nature/love/science, and optimistic. He soldiered on, knowing that he had done something very stupid, not blaming it on anyone besides himself, doing the best he could with his genius while living in fear and anxiety. His moral strength, courage and innate need to do what is right sustained him through years of pain as he did all he could to protect his girlfriend and family.

“The other story is the courageous, honest perspectives of his mother, Patrice Johnson, the author, and his sister, Kelsey, who wrote the beautiful Foreword. They make no effort to rid Tyler of blame for his error. Their object is to portray Tyler in large: his genius, dedication, sensitivity, honesty, moral courage. This ultimate faith and love in the face of great loss is quite possibly more tragic than Tyler’s story. His girlfriend Yuki is an important figure from the point of view that the love between her and Tyler illuminates the youthful idealism they shared.

“It is a new American Tragedy with no villain this time.”


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