Epilogue now available…the rest of the story (in brief)

In response to reader questions as to what happened to Tyler and Yuki after the end of the book, I’m pleased to provide the following Epilogue. Hope this provides a bit more closure:


. . .

Tyler and Yuki returned to Corsica, and as they waited for word from Venezuela, their relationship continued to suffer bumps and grinds. Tyler naturally gravitated toward university life, and one day while attending a free seminar on a college campus, he learned of an effort to provide solar energy to impoverished people in third-world nations. One thing led to another, and he co-founded a non-profit association that designed solar technology out of scrap mirrors and materials to power affordable, easily constructed cook stoves.

Concurrently, he undertook a personal challenge to climb all 214 of Corsica’s summits that stretched higher than 2000 meters. Ten peaks remained on his checklist as he and Yuki were preparing to leave the island to start a new life in a new country, so on December 20, 2009, he and Chiki ventured out for a solo expedition. He and Yuki were maintaining regular contact via text messages until December 26 when Tyler’s communications ceased. Five days later, a search party recovered his body amid debris from an avalanche. Devastated, Yuki fled and remains at large.

Until his final moments, Tyler continued to chronicle his life through his journals and the lens of his camera. Although he and Yuki never heard back from Venezuela, it is likely that, to this day, his open-sourced designs are enabling people in Burkina Faso, Africa, with no access to electricity, to disinfect bandages, rid their drinking water of life-threatening bacteria, and to sit down with their families for safe, hot meals.

# # #




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